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on a mission to taste the world one blowjob at a time.

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Author Delisha Keane erotica novels, sex diaries and confessions, sex education for young women

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My Private Sex Life Diaries & Sex Confessions

I hope my sex confessions will inspire you to dream of new fantasies, learn about unconventional sex, have more kinky adventures, and become a new ‘you’ with more erections or wet panties.

Erotica & Romance Novels & Short Stories

Tantalizing novels and short stories.

Your Sexuality & Relationships: Young Women, Old Men & Couples

How can you really know the type of sexual encounters you prefer if you’ve always had the same type? Instead… Imagine if trying something new would blow your mind and enrich your life.

I'm exploring the edges of pleasure

at a time.

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In our American society, gratuitous violence is OK everywhere, the gorier the better, even on prime-time TV, but a bit of skin is evil! Characters are tortured and killed on prime-time TV every day, but a barely perceptible tint of voluntary submissive behavior in an erotica novel is the end of the world. Therefore, I write under a pen name to prevent being burned at the stake or stoned to death by my co-workers, fellow church members, and even my friends and family members. I still love them!

Naked hugs & wet kisses!