About Sex & Erotica Author Delisha Keane

Delisha Keane sex & erotica author

Hi, Sir! I am

and proud of it!

Sex is good. Skin is not evil.

The 4 main things to know about me: I’m a spermivore & spermaholic, I was proud to be a teen slut, old cocks have always been my gods, and now I am a fuck doll for my friend and her husband.

Being a liberated woman should mean that I can openly be who I am and not be ashamed of it, regardless of how many other “liberated women” believe I have issues, right? We all have issues, don’t we?

Unfortunately, in our American society, gratuitous violence is OK everywhere — the gorier, the better, even on prime-time TV — but sex has to be controlled and censored by depraved old male politicians and repressive religious extremists.

Characters are tortured and killed in TV Series labeled as being for the general public, but a barely perceptible tint of voluntary submissive sexual behavior in a book is deemed outrageous. And a nipple? Oh my god! It’s the end of the world.

I love being in the nude, and I am thrilled when men, especially old men, enjoy seeing my young body. I won’t have firm tits and a tight pussy forever. So why not please the cock-carrying beasts around me while I can?

Unfortunately, skin is evil in the USA. I can’t figure out what is wrong with my nipples, but I have to hide them to prevent people from being “traumatized” by them.

Therefore, I write under a pen name to avert being burned at the stake or stoned to death by my co-workers, fellow church members, and even some of my friends and family members. I still love them, but… Ouch!

I’m thankful to my Mom and Dad for having been supportive of my wild urges to explore my sexuality since my teenage years. As my Mom always said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” How do you know what you genuinely want if all you’ve ever had is vanilla sex?

I hope to contribute to making sex and nudity more widely visible and natural. Wait! I can hear you say it’s already widely available online. Right! But that’s porn. I’m talking about sex & nudity in our everyday lives to the point where nobody cares for porn anymore.

#FreeTheNipple #FreeThePussy