My Private Sex Diaries & Sex Confessions

sex confessions and private sex diaries from a nude teen slut trained for sex, used & shared by old men

My Private Sex Diaries & XXX Sex Confessions as a Young Nude Woman Trained for Sex by Old Men

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”
~John Quincy Adams, President of the U.S.A. from 1825 to 1829

I hope my sex confessions as a young woman will inspire you to dream of more fantasies, learn more about unconventional sex, have more kinky adventures, and become a new ‘you’ with more erections or wet panties.

What excites you?

I’ve tried to organize and publish my sex life diaries as a young woman in chronological order, but I’ve also grouped them by themes because… For instance, I’ve noticed that some of you were interested in my adventures in the nude (exhibitionist & nudist) but not my gangbangs with rough sex (fuck doll), or vice versa.

I wrote descriptions as precise as possible for you to pick the part of my life that interests you.

Naked hugs & wet kisses!

You will find two sub-categories of sex diaries & sex confessions on this page:

  1. 1) My Teenage Years up North When I Lived with My Parents (mostly ‘soft’ sex confessions)
  2. 2) My Sex Adventures in South Florida from 21 to 25 Years Old and Counting (more ‘hardcore’ sex confessions)

Because some people are offended by my incestuous sex adventures in worshipping my Daddy’s almighty cock (I’m addicted to his semen), these sex confessions are on a separate page.

1) Anthologies of Sex Confessions: My Teenage Years in The Nude

“I’m a spermivore on a mission to taste everybody in the world!”

my sex life as an 18-year-old teen slut having sex with the football team

My Sex Life as a Teen Slut (18 Years Old)

I Was Trained for Sex as a Submissive Fuck Doll & Cocksucker for My Boyfriend & His Football Teammates

“Your stories do more to arouse me than anything on pornhub! Your writing is so vivid and erotic, but personal, too.” ~Testimonial by email

It’s a part of my kinky sex life in my hometown. My school’s football team used & shared my tight pussy, young boobs, toned body, long blonde hair, and deep-throating abilities – over and over again! And I loved it!

Available on Kindle | Ream | Print – Pleasure your cock & go read it! 

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This collection of teenage sex confessions excludes the following:

  • Sex diary entries related to scuba diving, which you will find in “My Sex Life as a Young Female Scuba Diving Instructor” below.
  • Sex diary entries involving incest since, well… I found out that not everybody wanted to hear about it. You will find these more taboo sex confessions in the series “A Daddy’s Daughter Incestuous Life Coached By Mommy” below.
my sex life as an 18-year-old teen scuba diving instructor having sex with scuba divers

My Naughty Life as a Young Female Scuba Diving Instructor (18 Years Old)

Tips for Tits & Other Skin Tricks

The kinky part of my life as an 18-year-old blonde dive instructor in a world where young boobs are rare and old cocks aplenty.

Available on Kindle | Ream | Print – Pleasure your cock & go read it!

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Below, on this page, you will find more hardcore sex diary entries related to scuba diving in a collection of reports on a scuba diving trip I took with a group of old men in June 2023.

my sex life as an 18-year-old teen nudist, exhibitionist, nude cock-tease for taboo sex with old men

My Life as a Young Blonde, Nudist, Exhibitionist, and Cock-Tease (18 & 19 Years Old)

Memoirs of a Voluntary Sex Object Living With Her Parents

Naughty, kinky, taboo & fetish events during my teenage years at home up North.

Available on KindleReam | Print – Pleasure your cock & go read it!

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These are the more “soft” sex confessions. You will find more hardcore ones in “My Sex Life as a Fuck Doll” below.

my sex life as a 10-year-old young woman nudist, exhibitionist, nude cock-tease for taboo sex with old men

My Life as a Young Nudist, Exhibitionist & Cock-Tease (20 to 22 Years Old)

Memoirs of a Single Blonde Female as a Voluntarily Objectified Nude Decoration

Naughty, kinky, taboo & fetish! A single chick in South Florida believes it’s her duty as a young woman to generously please men’s eyes with her female flesh.

Available on:  Ream 

my sex life as a teen slut with old men as a submissive blonde trained for taboo sex as a plaything

My Sex Life With Old Men & Sugar Daddies (18 to 25 Years Old)

Age Gap Memoirs of a Submissive Young Blonde Beauty Trained for Sex

“You have the unique ability to arouse the sagging libidos of the genteel elderly. But all guys, young and old, are enthralled by your outrageous escapades! You are a true boon for mankind!!” ~Testimonial on Medium

My young female flesh used by old men for sex and gang bangs from my teenage years up North to today in South Florida.

Available on Ream – Pleasure your cock & read it!

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These are the more “soft” sex confessions. You will find more hardcore ones in “My Sex Life as a Fuck Doll” below.

2) Anthologies of Sex Confessions: Hardcore XXX Sex for a Young Woman Used as Nude Decoration & Fuck Doll

“Exploring the world, one cock at a time!”

my sex life as a fuck doll, a submissive young woman trained for sex, used, gang banged and shared in taboo old-young sex

My Sex Life as a Fuck Doll (22 & 23 Years Old)

A Submissive Beauty Trained for Sex, Used, Gang Banged & Shared

“The book is well-written, erotic and steamy. Smiled, blushed and overheated throughout Delisha’s confessions. I fell in lust with nearly everyone in the book, and appreciated her sense of self and truth. Recommend to read in private unless you are a person who can resist public masturbation.” ~5-star review from a female reader in the UK, December 2023.

Sex confessions about my 3-phase evolution from a teenage nudist to a cock-teasing exhibitionist and, finally, a cock-pleasuring sex toy:

  • How I Became a Fuck Doll for My Friend & Her Husband (22 years old);
  • A Year as a Cock-Pleasuring Sex Toy Owned by a Married Couple & Shared With Their Friends (22 & 23 years old);
  • A College Girl Took Part-Ownership of My Body as a Fuck Toy to Collect Lavish Gifts From Her Sugar Daddy & Pleasure Other Cocks (23 years old).

While I was being trained for submissive sex as a 20-something blonde gal, I experienced threesomes, foursomes, gang bangs, age gap, BDSM, rough sex, humiliation, and taboo sex as a fuck doll. I was used & shared week after week.

It’s more than a collection of sex confessions. If you have a penis, expect plenty of erections! If you have a pussy, you will get to visualize how some of your fantasies could play out. It’s a mind-blowing collection of steamy short stories – if I may say so myself!

Available on:  Kindle | Ream | Print – Pleasure your cock & go read it!

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Book 2 of my sex life as a fuck doll, a submissive young woman trained for sex, used, gang banged and shared in taboo old-young sex

My Sex Life as a Fuck Doll (24 Years Old)

Memoirs of a Submissive Beauty Trained for Sex, Used, Gang Banged & Shared

It starts with me as a naked dumb blonde on all fours on a semen-only diet for a month while practicing deep-throating skills.

Available on:  Ream 

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Nude yachting and sex on yachts and beaches between young woman and old men & sugar daddies gang banging her

I Was a Nude Yacht Decoration & Free-Use Sex Plaything for Sugar Daddies (24 Years Old)

Three Old Men & Their Trophy Girlfriends Owned My Naked Body for a Weekend off the Coast of Miami

Being nude all weekend as a free-use dumb blonde on a yacht with hot sun and warm ocean water… It doesn’t get any better than that!

Available on:  Ream 

nude waitress at a super bowl party as a submissive fuck doll

I Was a Nude Waitress & Sex Plaything at a Private Super Bowl Party (24 Years Old)

The Winning Team’s Fans Won My Young Female Body as a Submissive Fuck Doll for a Week

Nude waitress in a private home while the male beasts watch the Super Bowl. Nude in a cigar lounge. Nude in a dance club. Nude in a hotel lobby. Five cocks at once. Breath holding in a bucket of pee. Extensive deep throating. Clitoris torture.

It’s a week I will never forget!

Available on:  KindleReam | Print – Pleasure your cock & read it!

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sex confessions of a young woman scuba diving instructor on a dive trip in the caribbean and used as a sex slave and gear slave

Sex Confessions of a Young Blonde Scuba Diving Instructor on a Dive Trip (24 Years Old)

I Didn’t Dive Because 14 Old Men Forced Me to Be the Submissive Sex Pet & Gear Slave of the Whole Dive Resort

“Reading your reports is better than watching porn! They allow me to have harder erections than I’ve ever experienced! You being a dive instructor makes it even hotter.” ~Testimonial on Medium

2nd Edition – This is not a typical story. It’s 300 pages of raw & steamy sex confessions as I recall a dive trip with 14 old men and how their barbaric male instincts got the best of them. They stripped and tamed me into absolute submission as a naked sex pet for the whole dive resort.

It’s an extreme age-gap sexual adventure between a 24-year-old blonde babe, the 14 old men who claimed ownership of my young female body, and the 17 other scuba divers they shared me with.

Through it all, I remember how I’ve always seen myself as a cock-pleasuring device for old men, from the moment I started exploring my sexuality as a teenager to today. Old cocks are my gods. I believe I was born to worship penises. My body was designed to be used for sex and fed sperm. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Available on:  Kindle  |  Ream  |  Print  – Pleasure your cock & go read it!

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3) Anthologies of Sex Confessions: XXX Uncensored

A Daughter Addicted to Her Daddy’s Semen

Please skip this section if it offends you! That’s why it’s at the bottom of the page, although, chronologically, it should be at the top… Hugs!

my sex confessions about my taboo incestuous sex with my daddy as his daughter

Delisha “Incest” Keane’s UNCENSORED Sex Confessions

A Daughter Worshipping Her Daddy’s Almighty Cock

My private sex confessions about my incestuous sex life with Daddy & Grandpa, from 18 years old to today, in my mid-20s, as a young tight pussy used by family & guests, and a nude young woman displayed as a nude art decoration for family & guest to enjoy.

Besides sex confessions, I also write about:

…to stay in touch with little ol’ me and find out when I publish more irreverent sex diaries!


My sex confessions look back at accounts of rough sexual encounters, all of which were voluntary, among adults, with consent from all participants. However, they may be triggering to some people.

Sexual assault is something totally different and never acceptable.

If you were a victim of sexual assault, you may contact:

  • In the USA: at 1-800-656-HOPE (or dial 911 if it is urgent).
  • Elsewhere: Please do an online search. Do not wait!

Please contact a law enforcement agency if you are aware of real-life sex slaves, any kind of violence against others, or human trafficking.