Sex Confessions of a Young Blonde Scuba Diving Instructor on a Dive Trip (24 Years Old)

Sex Confessions of a Young Blonde Scuba Diving Instructor on a Dive Trip

My Sex Diaries & Sex Confessions

Sex Confessions of a Young Blonde Scuba Diving Instructor on a Dive Trip (24 Years Old)

I Didn’t Dive Because 14 Old Men Forced Me to Be the Submissive Sex Pet & Gear Slave of the Whole Dive Resort

300 pages and 32 chapters of hot, steamy, tropical sex and gang bangs between one young woman and a group of old men.


“As I stumbled forward on the gravel trail, Cliff’s iron grip held me firmly by my hips, his hard cock buried deep in my tight ass. Each brutal thrust of his cock beating my ass forced me to take another step, my tender feet screaming in agony with every sharp stone that dug into my soles. The pain caused my butthole to tighten, intensifying the massage Cliff’s old cock received as he continued to violate me relentlessly.”

Bubbling Table of Content

Part 1 – Before The Dive Trip
  1. 1) Preparing For My Dive Trip as a Fuck Doll on a Sperm-Only Diet
  2. 2) Teasing The Old Cock of My Uber Driver as Practice
  3. 3) Meeting The 14 Old Men at The Gate & Establishing Brutal Sex Rules
Part 2 – The First Day at The Dive Resort
  1. 4) Forcefully Stripped & Held Down by Old Men on a Dive Boat
  2. 5) 14 Old Men Took Ownership of My Clit & Used It To Punish Me For Being a Cock Tease
  3. 6) Fuck The Rules! Fuck The Girl!
  4. 7) 14 Old Men Savagely Beat My Clit To Force Me To Agree I Didn’t Deserve To Go Scuba Diving
  5. 8) Old Men Find a New Way To Enjoy a Surface Interval: Spit-roasting My Nude, Young Female Body
  6. 9) Old Cocks Spit-Roasted My Young Body In Front of Strangers & Made Me Their Dive Gear Slave
  7. 10) 14 Cock-Carrying Beasts Used Sex Toys To Reduce Me To a Sex Pet & Establish New Rules For The Week
  8. 11) Old Men Savagely Beat My Clit To Train Me as a Sex Slave
  9. 12) A Painful Barefoot Walk of Shame on Gravel
  10. 13) My Young Nude Female Body Put On Display For 31 Old Men To Touch
  11. 14) The 14 Men Owning Me Already Planned Another Dive Trip For 54 Divers With My Body On The Menu
  12. 15) They Pounded My Ass With My Bare Feet on Gravel for My Butthole to Clench, Giving Them a Cock Massage
  13. 16) I Was Offered To 17 Old Cocks as The Sex Pet of The Whole Dive Resort
  14. 17) I Begged 31 Old Men To Torture My Clitoris To Entertain Them & Massage Their Cocks
  15. 18) Old Men Tortured My Clit to Get The Ultimate Cock Massage From My Butthole
Part 3 – The Rest of The Scuba Diving Vacation Week
  1. 19) A Soothing Embrace
  2. 20) A Dirty Girl
  3. 21) A Salty Surface Interval
  4. 22) The Afternoon Shift on The Dive Boat
  5. 23) An Erotic Safety Stop
  6. 24) Nude: Sex Slave, Dive Gear Slave, Abused Waitress & Wild Outdoor Animal
  7. 25) An Erotic Night Dive
  8. 26) Underwater Sex
  9. 27) Beer Mugs, Semen Mugs & Pee Mugs
  10. 28) Father’s Day Spankings for a Naughty Girl
Part 4 – Going Back To Civilization After a One-Week Dive & Sex Trip
  1. 29) Time To Go Home, Doggy Style!
  2. 30) On a Mission to Pleasure Old Men, One at a Time
  3. 31) Satisfying The Old Cock of My Uber Driver
  4. 32) The Aftermath
sex confessions of a young woman scuba diving instructor on a dive trip in the caribbean and used as a sex slave and gear slave

More Teasers:

“The contrast between my youthful sensuality and the aged appearances of the 14 old men in my group was striking. I felt their eyes roving over my exposed flesh, and a thrill ran through me. I wanted them to see me, to desire me, to objectify me. Their hunger for my body only fueled my own depraved desires.”

“These men saw me as nothing but a cock tease who deserved a violent beating, just like I told them to do at the airport the day before. I was just not expecting them to actually act on it. Men readily talk a big game but often turn out to be gentle even when I tell them not to be. Could it be that this trip would give me what I wanted?”

“As an accomplished freediver and scuba diving instructor, I had no issue taking a deep breath, performing a graceful duck dive, and descending into the depths towards the group of scuba divers at 15 feet (5 m). The water hugged my naked 24-year-old female body, amplifying my arousal and cementing my place in this underwater world as a sensual siren and a source of entertainment for this group of old men.”

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