Discover Scuba Diving & Underwater Sex

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Discover Scuba Diving & Underwater Sex

A Breakup Leads a Young Woman to Learn To Dive & Have Underwater Sex While on a Tropical Vacation


“They did another long series of boring skills in the morning’s first dive. Brooke had a hard time understanding why they imposed that regiment on people wanting to scuba dive. She probably would have given up if she weren’t enjoying her exhibitionist games on the dive boat. She had better things to do on vacation than removing and replacing her dive mask a hundred times!”

Underwater Table of Content

Brooke organizes her own scuba diving certification graduation party underwater. Wetsuits & bathing suits are forbidden.

  1. 1) He Thought She Was Bad; She Showed Him Real Bad
  2. 2) Does DSD mean “Discover Scuba Diving” or “Do Sex & Diving”?
  3. 3) Diving Deeper Into Her Beach & Scuba Vacation With Her Dive Instructor
  4. 4) Sex On The Beach! A Jealous Boyfriend. A Faithful Husband. A Handsome Stranger.
  5. 5) A Nude Female Student. A Dive Boat. A Male Crew. A Wetsuit. What could go wrong?
  6. 6) An Old Man Is a Pillow For a Young Woman
  7. 7) Being Nude, Teasing Men, Sex on Vacation & Scuba Diving — Brooke’s Four New Hobbies!
  8. 8) A Young Nude Woman Owned by Old Men
  9. 9) Open Water Diver Certification
  10. 10) Underwater Boobs & Semen Party: Scuba Sex Graduation
Discover Scuba Diving & Sex with underwater sex

More Teasers:

“She admired how their cocks dangled freely underwater, unrestrained by the laws of gravity. Drawn to the sight, Brooke couldn’t resist swimming closer, feeling the allure of these masculine figures, their virility on display for her eyes alone.'”

“Brooke felt a sense of freedom as the boat departed from the dock. Shedding her tank top, she reveled in the sun’s warmth and the wind’s caress on every inch of her exposed skin. Some might call her an attention seeker, but Brooke preferred to see herself as an entertainer. There was no need to beg for attention, as all eyes were already glued to her voluptuous young female curves – particularly her breasts, nipples, buttocks, and pussy. ‘Men can be so focused when they want to be!'”

“Brooke reveled in the sensation of weightlessness, her body drifting horizontally through the water as the man plunged in and out of her little pussy. The gentle sway of the ocean’s currents added a tantalizing rhythm that magnified the pleasure coursing through her veins. His coarse fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips, a reminder of his dominance over her youthful form.”

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