My Naughty Life as a Young Female Scuba Diving Instructor (18 Years Old)

Sex life of a young female PADI scuba diving instructor

My Sex Diaries & Sex Confessions

My Naughty Life as a Young Female Scuba Diving Instructor (18 Years Old)

Tips For Tits & Other Skin Tricks

The kinky part of my life as an 18-year-old blonde dive instructor in a world where young boobs are rare and old cocks aplenty.


“I could see their eyes hungrily devouring my 18-year-old female body as I sauntered over to the edge of the dive boat, running my fingers along the strings of my barely-there bikini bottom. The thin strip of fabric covering my pussy excited them more than if I had been nude, I thought. A few men exchanged smirks, and I heard one whisper to another, ‘Man, I’d love to bury my face between those thighs.’”

Wet Table of Content

  1. 1) I Paid for My First Dive Computer By Giving a Blowjob to The Dive Shop Owner When I Was 18
  2. 2) How I Became an Exhibitionist While Teaching Scuba Diving at 18 Years Old
  3. 3) Remembering When I Was 18: Showing My Tits & Sucking Cocks on Vacation!
  4. 4) In a Retail Dive Store as a Teenager, I Had the Best Sales Commissions, Thanks to My Young Tits!
  5. 5) The First Underwater Blowjob I Gave at 18 Years Old to an Old Man
  6. 6) I Practiced Controlling Men Through Their Cocks as an 18-year-old Girl With 23 Men on a Tropical Scuba Diving Vacation
  7. 7) My First Experience Giving a Ruined Orgasm to a Man
  8. 8) 22 Old Cocks Holding My Nude 18-year-old Body Captive, 2 Cocks Claiming It & One Ruined Orgasm
  9. 9) The End of a Vacation: 2 Old Cocks Claiming My 18-year-old Body In Front of a 3rd Man
  10. 10) I Worked in a Dive Shop at 18 Years Old. Wait! Was It a Dive Shop or a Sex Shop?
  11. 11) Teaching a ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ in the Nude for an Old Man and His Buddies in a Private Indoor Pool
my sex life as an 18-year-old teen scuba diving instructor having sex with scuba divers

More Teasers:

“I screamed and wriggled in his grasp, but he was obviously stronger than me. His hands tightened, digging painfully into my skin. Though I shook, I refused to give up the fight — the show. The man next to him tugged at the string around my torso until it gave way, and my bikini top fell away from me, exposing my young, firm breasts and hard nipples.”

“As I explained the entry-level open-water diver course, detailing what was needed, how much time it took, and the cost, I played with the bottom of my oversized t-shirt. Casually wrapping my hands around the hem, I lifted it up to my belly button, giving him a full view of my young pussy and the belly button piercing winking at him from above my slit.”

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