A Sultry Life Series

A Sultry Life Series - erotica novels

‘A Sultry Life’ Series hunts for female sexual satisfaction by any means necessary. No more men snoring before female orgasms!

A Word From The Author

In my personal life, I enjoy being a fuck doll used and shared by groups of men for their selfish pleasure. It works out great for me because I actually love the taste of semen. I crave it! Hence, I define myself as a spermivore and spermaholic. And men love my mouth as much as my young pussy and tight ass. I won’t be young forever, so I have fun now while cocks are getting hard when I show my naked body!

I write about it in a series of sex life reports and confessions.

But I also enjoy writing romance and erotica fiction. Typically, the main character is a teen slut who enjoys teasing men with her young boobs and pleasuring them with her tight holes. My heroine is usually a young, blonde exhibitionist like me.

And if you are a regular reader of my work, that is probably what you expect. So here is an important heads-up for you because I don’t want you to be disappointed.

‘A Sultry Life Series’ is my only work that is unlike what I described above. In ‘A Sultry Life Series,’ the main character is a man who enjoys being dominated by strong women – the opposite of what I enjoy in my sex life. So, be aware that ‘A Sultry Life Series’ is different from my regular work.

I still love the characters in the series, and I hope you love them too!

Naked hugs & wet kisses!

A Sultry Life Series
2nd Edition

A Sultry Weekend erotica novel

A Sultry Weekend

He Fell in Love With His Wife’s Best Friend; She Took His Manhood & His Wife

Andrew’s married life is turned upside down by Nancy, a sultry weekend visitor. His wife, Julia, has a hidden agenda. If a former college roommate could train your husband into worshipping you, expanding your sexual pleasures beyond what you’ve ever experienced, would you let her do as she pleases with your man?

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A Sultry Office & Spa erotica novel

A Sultry Office & Spa

A Man Under The High Heels of His Wife, His Assistant & The Young Evil HR Intern

Andrew went back to the office and had to face Claire, his assistant, who brought in Emma, a human resources intern, as a wing girl. Who’s the boss now? What happens to a man when his wife and his office assistant work as a team to ensure all of their needs are met? A detour through a spa makes things even more complicated, adding an 18-year-old virgin, Natasha, to the mix.

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A Sultry Vacation erotica novel

A Sultry Vacation

A Cuckolded Husband Shared as a Cheap Sex Toy in a Tropical Resort

Julia felt the need for a tropical vacation and brought along her tamed husband for satisfaction in and out of the hotel room. She teamed up with Brooke, an exhibitionist scuba diving instructor, and Lauren, a sexually frustrated bartender, to get the most out of Andrew. Sun, sex, scuba, and sand. What could go wrong?

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A Sultry World erotica novel

A Sultry World

An Emasculated Cuckold Owned by His Ex-Wife’s Best Friend

The culmination of every Sultry Life character’s quest for sexual satisfaction: Andrew (submissive cuckold), Natasha (18-year-old virgin), Julia (ex-wife who left for a strong man), Sean (the neighbor who stole Andrew’s wife), Nelenna (the shy, frigid housewife turned sensual massage therapist), Nancy (the dom), Claire (the manipulative office assistant) & Emma (the evil HR intern). Will they all get what they want, or…?

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My work of fiction resembles a fantasy world with activities real humans may not do. All romantically and sexually involved characters depicted in these stories are 18 years of age or older. All events taking place are a result of role-playing amongst consenting adults. Please contact a law enforcement agency if you are aware of real-life sex slaves, any kind of violence against others, or human trafficking.