Sex BnB: A Husband Becomes a Cuckold in an Airbnb

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Sex BnB

A Husband Becomes a Cuckold After Bringing His Wife to a Clothing-Optional Airbnb Short-Term Rental Accommodation


“This perverse tableau unfolded before his eyes: his young wife, pregnant with another man’s child, giving a blowjob to a well-endowed stranger while demanding that her own husband pleasure her orally. It was a scene of pure eroticism, cuckoldry, and raw human desire.”

Therapeutic Table of Content

Zoey wants to be impregnated with sperm from a big cock because she doesn’t want her son to have a tiny dick like her husband.

  1. 1) He Booked a Room For Him & His Wife Without Noticing the ‘Clothing-Optional’ Mention In The Listing
  2. 2) A Young Wife and a Naked Cock By The Pool
  3. 3) Zoey Makes Her Husband Promise He Will Never Ask for a Paternity Test
  4. 4) Zoey Takes Control of Her Vacation, Pussy & Fertility While Cuckolding Her Husband
  5. 5) Zoey Further Cuckolds Her Husband by Making an Airbnb of the Matrimonial Home To Bring in Big Cocks
  6. 6) An Airbnb Guest With a Small Dick Makes a Wife Realize That Her Husband Should Always Be a Cuckold
  7. 7) A Newly Married Wife Locks Her Husband’s Tiny Dick in a Cage & Makes Sure It Hurts as His Cock Tries To Get Erect
  8. 8) A Husband Watches His Wife Being DP’d by Two Strong Men While His Tiny Dick Is in a Cock Cage
  9. 9) A Cuckold Watches His Wife Being Taken by a Man With a Big Cock While She Is Already Pregnant From Another Stranger
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More Teasers:

“Zoey smirked and shook her head. ‘I don’t know if he has a big cock, but come on, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would have a smaller one than yours.’ She paused for a moment before continuing. ‘I’ve decided to list our guest room on Airbnb and filter the renters to only accept men.'”

“Zoey grinned wickedly as she reached into the shopping bag and pulled out a small cock cage, holding it up for her husband to see. Her husband’s eyes widened in fear, and he began to beg.

“On his knees beside the bed, her husband stared in awe and disbelief at the sight before him. He was completely nude, his chastity-locked cock straining against the small cage as it tried to become erect. Zoey had made it explicitly clear that he was to watch his wife getting fucked by these two men and their godlike cocks. As humiliating as it was, he couldn’t deny the raw sexual energy it brought to the room, igniting a fire within him that he never knew existed.”

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