Daddy’s Naughty Girl Next Door & Sex With Old Men

sexy girl next door and the old neighbor who wants sex with her - erotica novel

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Taboo Age Gap Forbidden Sex Series

Daddy’s Naughty Girl Next Door

Cock-Teasing Girls Flaunting Their Forbidden Bodies


“The sight of his old cock, nestled within the hot dog bun and covered in ketchup, was almost too much for him to bear. His breath came in ragged gasps as he tried to maintain his composure, knowing full well what sinful delights were about to be unleashed.”

Naughty Table of Content

A collection of short stories.

  1. 1) The Spell of a Young College Girl on The Man Next Door
  2. 2) A Teenage MILF, Her Neighbors & The Cock of A Local Policeman
  3. 3) The Neighbor, an Old Man, Brought Over & Stripped Naked for the Entertainment of 5 College Girls
  4. 4) Five College Girls Entertain Themselves With an Old Cock, a Forest of Pubic Hair & a Semen Facial
  5. 5) Home Invasion: The Good Girl Next Door in The Bedroom of an Old Man
  6. 6) Two Teenage (18) Girls Trick the Old Male Neighbor to Come With Them to a… Nude Beach!
  7. 7) Two Teenage (18) Girls Enjoy a Nude Beach with The Old Male Neighbor
  8. 8) Two Teenage (18) Girls at a Nude Beach Show an Old Male Neighbor The Type of Hot Dogs They Prefer
Daddy's Naughty Girl Next Door: Cock-Teasing Girls Flaunting Their Forbidden Bodies - Sex with the girl next door

More Teasers:

“With mischief dancing in her eyes, Brea hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottom. As she slowly and sensually pulled the fabric down her hips, she revealed the smooth, hairless mound of her sex. The sight of her flawless young pussy sent a jolt of lust through Mr. Murphy, who was already entranced by the two beautiful young women standing before him on the beach.”

“As she knelt down to tend to the flowers, Mila’s boobs jiggled slightly with each movement, catching the eye of anyone passing by. Whenever someone walked by, Mila cheerfully stood up and waved at them, though she noticed that not everyone returned the gesture with the same enthusiasm. A few people, mostly women, gave her odd looks, and she could see couples whispering to each other as they stared at her exposed teenage titties.”

“The girls giggled and exchanged glances as they looked at the neighbor, who tried – but failed – to avert his gaze from their exposed breasts. Iris, with her short platinum blonde hair, nodded in agreement. ‘Yeah, I bet he hasn’t seen anything like this in ages. He’s older than my grandpa!'”

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