Unprofessional Professional Young Female Massage Therapists

nude massage with sex and happy ending - erotica novel & short stories

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Taboo Age Gap Forbidden Sex Series

Unprofessional Professional Young Female Massage Therapists

A Collection of Short Stories About Tension Release


“Her emerald eyes drifted downward to the tantalizing sight that awaited her. As Mr. Hanskey lay face down on the massage table, his flaccid penis was partially visible between his legs. Even in its soft state, it held a certain allure for Jenna, who couldn’t help but let her gaze linger on the wrinkled skin and delicate veins that adorned its surface.”

Therapeutic Table of Content

A collection of short stories.

  1. 1) The Brat: A Young Female Massage Therapist Develops Tease & Denial Techniques
  2. 2) A Female Massage Therapist Plays With Her Intern & The Cocks of Her Clients
  3. 3) A Female Massage Therapist Deals With Naked Cocks
  4. 4) A MILF Wants to See a Young Woman Work on a Naked Man as a Massage Therapist
  5. 5) A Young Female Student Uses Her Part-time Job as a Massage Therapist to Get What She Needs From Her Math Teacher
  6. 6) A Couple Massage Turns Kinky When the Wife Wants the Husband To Give One to the Young Female Massage Therapist
Unprofessional Professional Young Female Massage Therapists: Used & Shared by Old Men & Couples for Total Tension Release - Massage Sex

More Teasers:

“The husband’s aged fingers trembled slightly as they worked their way down each delicate button, slowly revealing the young massage therapist’s smooth, pale skin beneath. The fabric slipped over her shoulders, falling like a waterfall to the floor, leaving her chest bare but for the pink lace bra that barely contained her 18-year-old tits.”

Mia felt a surge of satisfaction at the effect she had on this man. She was in control, and she loved it. Her fingers danced dangerously close to his pulsating cock, teasing him mercilessly.

“Mr. Hanskey’s breath caught in his throat as he felt his student’s little fingers encircle his cock, lifting it out of the way as she massaged his thigh. It was both a promise and a tease, sending his pulse skyrocketing and his mind reeling. Could this be real? He dared not speak lest he break the spell that seemed to have been woven around them.”

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