Daddy’s Forbidden Sex With The Babysitter Brat

taboo sex with the babysitter with the husband and couples - erotica book

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Taboo Age Gap Forbidden Sex Series

Daddy’s Forbidden Babysitter Brat

Older Men, Single Dads & Couples Share & Use Young Babysitters For All Their Needs


“With an innocent tilt of her head, the young babysitter allowed one side of the t-shirt to slip off her shoulder, revealing the supple curve of her left breast. Her nipple stood erect, enticing him like a luscious cherry atop a sundae. The sight was enough to make the husband’s heart race, his mouth going dry.”

Babysitter Table of Content

A collection of short stories.

  1. 1) Skinny-Dipping with the Babysitter: Fire in the Pool!
  2. 2) The Babysitter On All Fours
  3. 3) She Teases Her Husband With The Naked Body of The Babysitter
  4. 4) Babysitter Caught Taking Nude Selfies
  5. 5) Training the Babysitter to Be a Sex Object & Decorative Nude Piece of Art
  6. 6) Teaching the Babysitter How to Suck an Old Man’s Cock
  7. 7) A Single Dad Finds the Babysitter Trying His Ex-wife’s Clothes
  8. 8) A Brat Sitter Ruthlessly Teases the Husband
Daddy's Forbidden Babysitter Brat: Older Men, Single Dads & Couples Share & Use Young Babysitters For All Their Taboo Sexual Needs - Sex with the babysitter

More Teasers:

“The teenage babysitter felt a chill run through her as she realized she had been reduced to an object in their eyes. She was no longer a person but a thing to be used and controlled by the husband.”

“The Dad positioned himself behind the young babysitter, running his hands over the curve of her ass. He squeezed roughly, pulling the cheeks apart to expose her pink little pussy and tight asshole.”

“The teenage babysitter beamed, basking in the afterglow. She loved her role, giving the man of the house pleasure whenever he wanted. Their arrangement was turning out better than she could have hoped. She had a lifetime ahead of her for orgasms. This summer was for learning how to pleasure others.”

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