Sex Logbook & Journal for Men

Sex logbook, journal & diary for men

Sex Logbook & Journal for Men (18+)

Master Your Sex Game with Self-Debriefing for Continuous Improvement While Capturing Kinky Sexual Memories

It’s so much more than just a sex diary for men! It’s a tool for a better sex life and a better life.

NOTE: If you are looking for a sex logbook, journal, or diary for a WOMAN instead, it’s HERE. But a good approach would be to get one of each maybe?

With this sex logbook & journal for men, you can evaluate and write down notes about all your sexual encounters – the blowjobs worthy of an Emmy Award as well as the disasters. Rate each experience and take notes on improvements you can work on.

Sex is a physical activity that we start playing with a partner of the opposite sex without receiving any briefing, coaching, or even basic information on how to perform best. Even worse, sex is the only sport for which experience is seen as a negative. A woman with a “high body count” is a slut!

In all sports, men study the rules, seek coaching, practice, and evaluate their performance to do better next time. And they should do the same in sex.

Improving your sex game means a more fulfilling sex life for yourself and more enjoyment for the women letting you play with their female flesh.

Sex logbook, journal & diary for men

I started keeping a sex diary of my sexual activities when I was still a teenager. After a few iterations, I created the ‘Sex Logbook & Journal for Women.’ But I have a high body count, so I noted what could help men “up their game.” And here it is, the ‘Sex Logbook & Journal for Men.’

Imagine having a lasting record of all your sexual experiences! Imagine a sex tracker so you remember who gave you the best blowjobs and who you should be ghosting!

The best part of this ‘Sex Logbook & Journal for Men’ is that it will help you self-debrief for continuous improvement.

You will never reach ‘your peak’ because you will continually improve!

You get 2 pages for every sexual encounter: a ‘logbook’ section to evaluate the good and the bad, plus a ‘journal’ section to capture your thoughts.

I have fun reading my sex journals from 7 years ago, when I was an 18-year-old young woman and compare to the sexual encounters I have today. Some people may say I’m a slut. I believe I’m a Sex Goddess; thank you! And you are a cock-carrying beast, aren’t you?

Sex logbook, journal & diary for men

For every sexual encounter, you get a full diary page to take notes of who squirts and who gives the best blowjobs!

Sex logbook, journal & diary for men

And you also get a full sex logbook & tracker page with a focus on self-debriefing for continuous improvement.

The self-debriefing model for continuous improvement in your sexual performance works whether you have a variety of sex partners or a single one like, for instance, within a marriage.

Either way, I suggest you keep your ‘Sex Logbook & Journal for Men’ private and confidential at first so that you can freely reflect on your sexual encounters and work on improving your sexual skills without having to worry about jealousy or nagging!

Otherwise, the self-debriefing section of this sex logbook is designed to work even for sex with more than one woman. Personally, I love gang bangs!

The ‘Sex Logbook & Journal for Men’ is a perfect gift for a bachelor party, a kinky gift at a wedding, a hot gift idea for Valentine’s Day, and a fun gift every other day of the year.

But if nobody gifted you one, get it and start working on improvements in your sex game!

I hope you will use this ‘Sex Logbook & Journal for Men’ within a year or faster! Sex every week is good! Sex every day is better!

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